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~~The Real Thing Zeolite Powder

It happens naturally. Take volcanic rock and ash, add some alkaline ground water and allow to blend for a few million years. There you have it. Zeolite. A volcanic mineral compound with healthy detoxifying effects.

What? Zeolite is a natural volcanic compound that contains mineral nutrients like potassium, calcium (also a pH buffer), a little sodium and various other elements too.
What else? There are many different kinds of zeolites. But The Real Thing Zeolite Powder contains a particular kind called clinoptilolite (try saying that three times, fast).

So what? Clinoptilolite is the most abundant zeolite and reported to be ideal for zeolite exchange. In other words it’s a push-pull compound – it pulls toxins and heavy metals out of the body, as it pushes healthy, useful minerals in. Nice. That’s how Zeolite Powder delivers the goods and takes out the trash.

ZEOLITES CAN CLEAN ANYTHING. They’ve been used to improve soil quality in agriculture and to purify air and water supplies in NASA’s space programme. They were even added to soil and given to residents of Chernobyl after the nuclear fallout. No detox is too much.

1.Zeolite is built for it. The compound is a so-called “molecular sieve” made up of negatively charged honeycomb-shaped chambers. These chambers are balanced by positively charged mineral ions like potassium, calcium and sodium – healthful minerals that the body wants and needs. 
2.It swaps its positive minerals for positively charged toxins. Negative attracts positive. So the zeolite’s negatively charged chambers are very attractive places for positively charged toxins and contaminants. But, to suck these in, it needs to spit out the positively charged healthy ions first. The result? Good stuff into the body, bad stuff out of the body. Bad stuff like… ◦Heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic
◦Free radicals that cause tissue damage
◦Acidosis products, which cause abnormal acidity in the body
◦Mycotoxins (toxins produced by fungi)
◦Endotoxins and exotoxins (toxins produced by bacteria)

3.It chucks them out. The body doesn’t absorb Zeolite, so it passes through and out of your system, taking the toxins and trash along with it. The perfect house guest.

ANOTHER FACT: Things look better when Zeolite is around. Better and more beautiful – the compound has demonstrated antioxidant effects and a beneficial role in healing skin irritations. Which is why it’s now found a use in skin products and cosmetics.

•MORE MINERALS, BETTER NUTRITION. Zeolites have previously been used to balance nitrogen, calcium and phosphorous levels in animal feed. But they can also affect the mineral balance within the body. How? Well, firstly because toxin build-up can impair the absorption of essential minerals for optimal health. So, by reducing the toxin load, Zeolite helps to restore the incoming mineral balance. Simple. Then it also replaces toxic heavy metals with healthful potassium, calcium and (to some extent) sodium. Better mineral input overall.

•GENERAL HEALTH BOOST. Zeolite is thought to contribute to improved general health and immune system function. It also has demonstrated antioxidant activity that may bring beneficial tissue protection too.

•DIGESTIVE SUPPORT. It’s a digestive system buffer or alkaliniser that acts against excessive acidity in the body. Plus Zeolite can also improve the digestibility of nutrients, meaning you get more of what you need.

•What we put in it. Just the purest, 100% natural powdered zeolites, comprised of 95% clinoptilolite.
•What we don’t put in it. No wheat, gluten or dairy. No binders, fillers, preservatives or additives of any kind.
•How it’s made. The Real Thing Zeolite Powder is produced in the United States, using quality controlled procedures. Plus its positive ion exchange capacity is tested every month. Just to ensure it keeps working for you.



•For general detox: After food, take 1 level teaspoon (5g) daily for at least 30 days, mixed with water or a cold drink of your choice.
•For acute dosing: Consult your health care practitioner.
•AND PLEASE NOTE: Do not take more than the recommended dose, unless advised by your health care practitioner. Only advised for children underage 12 on the recommendation and under the supervision of a health care practitioner.
•As a face mask: Mix 1 to 2 level tablespoons with a little water to make a paste. Before the paste dries, apply evenly over the face (and neck and chest if desired). After 10 minutes, rinse off with mild soap and water. Use once every two weeks. If skin feels dry after application, apply a moisturiser. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult your health care practitioner.


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