Vitamin C Ester 1000mg



Liposomal vitamin C 1000mg total.

Vegetarian. 90 capsules

Production includes using a proprietary, water-based manufacturing process that will result in a pH neutral product containing naturally occurring vitamin C metabolites. These metabolites activate the vitamin C molecules thereby increasing its absorption, distribution and dose of bio-availability (Valerio, 2015).

Sources of natural Vitamin C would include citrus fruits and juice, red and green peppers, broccoli, strawberries and Brussels sprouts.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Benefits of Vitamin C is that it is an essential nutrient in tissue repair. It is also supporting the enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters.

Vitamin C counteracts many types of bacterial and viral diseases, inhibit some type of viruses and may help prevent hepatitis.

Vitamin C may help and treat many forms of cancers. It may help prevent rheumatic fever, and immune support. Vitamin C is may be very helpful chelation orally for heavy metals.

General uses of Vitamin C

Vitamin C may be helped with Age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Vitamin E, beta-carotene and zinc may help prevent AMD to become worse. Vitamin C together with Vitamin E may reduce albuminuria in diabetics. Vitamin C before and for a few days after heart surgery helps prevent irregular heartbeat after heart surgery especially atrial fibrillation.

For a common cold or flu taking 1-3 grams of vitamin C might shorten the course of the cold by 1 to 1.5 days and improve the symptoms and immune response. Limb pain that usually occurs after an injury called complex regional pain syndrome can prevent this type of pain.

Erythema that is skin redness caused by injury or irritation a cream containing Vitamin C might decrease skin redness. Vitamin C is one of the antioxidants that according to Skin Cancer Association, researched Vitamin C, Vitamin A and E improves actinic keratosis which is a precursor to skin cancer. Using Vitamin C before heavy physical exercise may prevent upper airway infections that can occur after heavy exercise.

Patients that are non-compliant on their gout medication a higher intake of Vitamin C from is linked to a lower risk of gout in men but doesn’t help to treat gout itself.

Patients with high cholesterol, Vitamin C might reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad”) cholesterol in people with high cholesterol and may aid in lowering blood pressure in patient on medication.

As mentioned, Vitamin C is a good oral chelator. Consuming Vitamin C appropriate dosages seems to lower blood levels of lead. Vitamin C seems to prevent cartilage loss and worsening of symptoms in people with osteoarthritis as it improves the structure of cartilage and soft tissue.



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