UBUNTU Shield Detox & Repair



Shield is designed to calm and harmonise the immune response and reduce inflammation. It may also assist the body to eliminate environmental toxins and toxins which have been introduced into the body, which may undermine health in the long term.

Several of the ingredients in Shield are known in homeopathic medicine to prevent blood clots, and offset blood vessel damage – micro and macro – in the brain and all the organ systems. Reduction in unhealthy mucus which may affect respiration are included.

Shield also has a general immune boosting effect – which may be further boosted by alternating daily dosage with Ubuntu Breathe.

Hamamaelis 30ch: repairs and strengthens blood vessels and micro-circulation, eliminating bruising and thrombosis.

Crataegus 30ch: a well known heart tonic. Aids health of blood and vascular system. Useful for palpitations and irregular heart rhythm.

China Arsen 30ch: boosts immunity and health in general. Eliminates fatigue and weakness with loss of appetite. Aids elimination of toxins and improves breathing. Useful for toxic skin eruptions.

Rhus Tox D30: general anti-inflammatory, eases joint and muscle pains, counteracts herpes eruptions and shingles, aids exhaustion.

Ledum D30: anti inflammatory, improves circulation and resolves bruises, removes toxins and parasites from blood.

Histamine D30: calms and harmonizes the immune response, reducing allergic reactions and excessive cytokines.

Kali Bich 15ch: reduces mucus plugs in sinuses and relieves lung congestion. Useful for asthmatic breathing and exhaustion.

Kali Sulph 12ch: clears infected yellow, sticky mucus from the nasal and bronchial tubes.

Ferrum Phos 12ch: reduces inflammation and improves state of red blood corpuscles.

Resveratrol 12ch: is known to promote healthy circulation and benefit the heart.

Secale 9ch: invigorates micro-circulation and dilates blood vessels aiding improved blood flow.

Pelargonium Sid. 15ch: boosts respiratory immunity, improves circulation.


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