UBUNTU Shield Detox & Repair



Shield is designed to calm and harmonize the
immune response and reduce inflammation. It may
also assist the body to eliminate environmental
toxins and toxins which have been introduced into
the body, known to undermine health in the long
Several of the ingredients in Shield are known in
homeopathic medicine to prevent blood clots, and
offset blood vessel damage – micro and macro – in
the brain and all the organ systems. Remedies for
unhealthy mucus which may affect respiration are
included in this formula.
Shield has a general immune boosting effect and
this may be enhanced by alternating with
Ubuntu Breathe Immune Support a few days
a week of each.
SHIELD against
Pathogen effects
Cell or blood
damaging toxins
(short and long term)
Excessive immune
Ubuntu Trust NPO had the Shield Formula
manufactured by a registered, FDA accredited
homeopathic laboratory.
Ubuntu is a charitable, non-profit organisation, which
uplifts disadvantaged communities.
The ‘Breathe Project’ acts on the urgent need to aid
the health crisis in South Africa and other countries.
Every bottle bought contributes to a fund for free
supplies & distribution to local communities.
Detox & Repair
Ubuntu Shield protects health from short and term toxic
buildup and damage. It is specially formulated to detox
the organs and blood and reduce inflammation,
preventing overreaction of the immune system which
may cause histamine and cytokine surges.
Several of the homeopathic ingredients improve the state
of the blood, preventing blood vessel damage within
brain, nerves, vital organs and vascular network, and
dispersing blood clots.
Remedies which reduce build-up of unhealthy mucus and
improve breathing, are included. Shield also activates the
immune system positively – and this effect may be further
enhanced by taking Ubuntu Breathe on alternate days
(read info on line at www.breathesa.com)
To protect from toxins:
For the first 5 days before and after exposure:
Take 12 drops in a little water or directly in mouth 2x a
day, 10 minutes before food and drinks. It works well with
other Breathe products (see on website).
Thereafter: Take for one day weekly 2x a day.
For acute colds and flu symptoms or after exposure to
others infected, then increase dose to 5x per day until
you feel better. If seriously ill take it every 2 hours, then
tail off to 3 or 4x per day as you improve.
Continue a few days even when better to ensure it does
not return.
Symptoms may include:
Mental fuzziness, headaches, exhaustion, heart
symptoms, raised blood pressure, sinusitis, chills, fever,
sore throat chest pains, or coughing. It is recommended
that you contact your doctor.
Storage: store in a cool, dark place away from cell
A well known classically trained homeopath with over 40
years experience, who collaborated with international
colleagues, was requested by Ubuntu Trust to formulate
a homeopathic complex. The complex complements the
Ubuntu Breathe product but is created to offset cellular,
vascular, and tissue damage from many circulating toxins
which may be introduced into the body.
The formula arose from research of information about the
immune response to toxins, introduced into the body,
and/or absorbed from external exposure. Both exposures
may result in an over-reactive immune response, causing
internal inflammation and micro-damage to blood,
circulatory system and tissue cells, undermining healthy
organ functions. A weakened immune system allows
dormant viruses to cause such things as herpes zoster
(shingles) and chronic fatigue syndromes and others to
manifest. The formula addresses these problems.
Ubuntu Wellness, Cape Town Medi Spa,


Hamamaelis 30ch: repairs and strengthens blood
vessels and micro-circulation, eliminating bruising
and thrombosis.

Crataegus 30ch: a well known heart tonic. Aids
health of blood and vascular system. Useful for
palpitations and irregular heart rhythm.

China Arsen 30ch: boosts immunity and health in
general. Eliminates fatigue and weakness with loss
of appetite. Aids elimination of toxins and improves
breathing. Useful for toxic skin eruptions.

Rhus Tox D30: general anti-inflammatory, eases
joint and muscle pains, counteracts herpes eruptions
and shingles, aids exhaustion.

Ledum D30: anti inflammatory, improves
circulation and resolves bruises, removes toxins
and parasites from blood.

Histamine D30: calms and harmonizes the
immune response, reducing allergic reactions
and excessive cytokines.

Kali Bich 15ch: reduces mucus plugs in sinuses
and relieves lung congestion. Useful for asthmatic
breathing and exhaustion.

Kali Sulph 12ch: clears infected yellow, sticky
mucus from the nasal and bronchial tubes.

Ferrum Phos 12ch: reduces inflammation and
improves state of red blood corpuscles.
Resveratrol 12ch: is known to promote healthy


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