Super Immune Boost – Plasma Tech 500ml


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The Super Immune Boost speaks for itself. It contains a number of ingredients that allow for it to be effective in the following ways:

ü  Immune boosting and balancing

ü  Packed full of antioxidants

ü  Vitamin, mineral and nutrient maintenance

ü  Anti-viral

ü  Anti-bacterial

ü  Anti – parasitic

ü  Anti-fungal

ü  Nervous system support

ü  Superfoods

ü  Probiotics

ü  Electron rich

This is a great maintenance plasma water to drink as a supplement, or to use acutely, for a few days, when your system needs a boost.

Drinking plasma waters is easy. You can add ½ a lidful to 2 lidfuls of the plasma water to a glass of water and drink. You can do this 1-4 times daily depending on how much of a boost you need. Alternatively, you can also drink one lidful neat, like a shot, to sooth a sore throat. Just make sure to follow up by drinking lots of filtered water throughout the day. This is important when using any plasma water, as it help to detox the system naturally and your body needs the water to transport toxins and enough hydration to ensure your cells are functioning properly


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