Sulphur Remedy Granules


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Sulphur is a trace mineral in the body, it is required for the syntheses of amino acids such as cysteine, methionine and glutathione. It is also used to build the connective tissues of the skin as well as serve as components of vitamins such as biotin and vitamin B1.

Unhealthy skin with tendency to skin diseases.
Rashes, eczemas and skin conditions.
UnbearableĀ  itching and burning.
Hot flashes in menopause.
Recurrent styes.
Burning and redness of eyes.
Burning in palms and soles.
Unhealthy skin with tendency to skin diseases.
Great acidity.
Difficult respiration.
Aversion to bathing.
Worse at night, inĀ  warm of the bed, in hot shower or bath.



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