Stress Adaptogen Mix




2 x 500mg veg capsules contains:
Siberian Ginseng 250mg
Ashwaganda 250mg
Astragalus 250mg
Fo-ti 250mg

Evidence suggests that Gold Adaptogen Mix has the following benefits:
Immune system boost and defence shield
Stress and Nervous system exhaustion
Enhanced Brain function, Memory and Concentration
Regulates Hormonal System
Sleep and mood elevation
Rejuvenation and repair of cell integrity
Protection of vital organs
Physical strength, endurance and stamina

Dosage: Adult Oral: 2 capsules daily as a single dose and building up to 4 capsules in
divided doses in the morning and evening as required. Swallow with a lot of liquid and
drink plenty of water throughout the day. Take for 20 days and stop for 10 days.

Children?12 years: take half the adult dose. Pregnant & lactating mothers and infants < 1 year to
consult a doctor


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