Hopes Relief Shampoo for Dry, Flaky and Itchy Scalp.


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This natural shampoo from Hope’s Relief is ideal for soothing an itchy, flaky scalp and beautifully cleansing the hair. Hope’s Relief Shampoo doesn’t simply wash away flakes – the natural botanical ingredients work to treat itching and dandruff at the source. The shampoo contains aloe vera, licorice, Manuka honey, gotu kola and calendula, all of which work to cleanse and strengthen the hair, while adding healthy shine and balancing the scalp. Enjoy more “good hair days” the natural way, with this excellent anti-dandruff shampoo formula from Hope’s Relief.

This botanical conditioner nourishes the hair and balances the scalp, calms itching and gets rid of troublesome flakes. Natural ingredients like aloe, calendula, Manuka honey, gotu kola and licorice all work to reduce dandruff, by treating it at the source. Hope’s Relief Conditioner doesn’t just banish dandruff; it’s also formulated to leave your hair feeling soft, manageable and beautifully cared for, with a healthy natural shine. This is an ultra-gentle conditioning formula that won’t irritate or dry your scalp; it’s especially good for those affected by eczema, psoriasis and dandruff.

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