Scullcap Root 75g



Scuttellaria lateriflora

Acts as an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, slightly astringent, emmenagogue, febrifuge, nervine tonic, sedative and strongly tonic.

Traditional Uses:

Benefit in the treatment of many nervous conditions such as epilepsy, insomnia, hysteria, and anxiety. It may assist in the renewal and revival of the central nervous system. Reputed to help prevent epileptic seizures. May also be used in the withdrawal from barbiturates and tranquilizers. Used to promote menstruation and assist with pre-menstrual tension. May be useful in the treatment of throat infections. Recommended for sleeplessness. May be used to treat conditions associated with depression and anxiety. Used currently to treat ADD and other nervous disorders.

Directions to use:

Infusion: Pour 1 cup of water onto 1-2 teaspoons of herb. Infuse for 10-15min. Strain and drink three times a day.

Powder: Use a ¼ teaspoon in a cup of water. Steep for 10min. Give in ½ cup doses, three times per day.

Safety precautions:

Not to be consumed by children under 6 years. Avoid taking with a sleeping pill, narcotic pain medicine, muscle relaxer, or medicine for anxiety, depression, or seizures. Do not take if you are using insulin or oral diabetes medicine. Do not use if pregnant or lactating. Consult with a medical practitioner before use.


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