Schweden-Bitter 100ml


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Schweden-Bitter stimulates the body’s digestive system thereby assisting with the elimination of waste products and the results of poor digestion such as: – headaches – nausea – indigestion – constipation. It also aids in the treatment of: – rheumatism – gout – hangovers. The original Schweden-Bitter has been known for more than 430 years and was first brought to Germany during the 30 year war by Swedish troops in the 17th Century. The Swedish doctor Urban Hjarne Samst, who lived to 104 years old from 1620 to 1724 and died in a riding accident, acclaimed in his diary the herbs found in this elixir. This important folklore remedy and bitters is not for everything, but should still be of assistance today and is recommended not only for the hard working executive, but as a bitter for everyone. Schweden-Bitter has a natural bitter taste of 20 selected herbal and natural ingredients. – No artificial colourants – No artificial flavourants – No added caffeine or sugar – No preservatives


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