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RyChol optimises healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

RyChol, extended-release formulation contains a unique blend of plant-derived phytochemical ingredients known to reduce blood cholesterol, triglyceride, and LDL levels.  This unique combination supports multiple pathways involved in the digestion, absorption and clearance of cholesterol and the other detrimental fats from the system.

Take RyChol every day to stay healthier for longer.

RyChol contains a proprietary blend of phytochemicals derived from plants known to reduce blood cholesterol, triglyceride, and LDL levels. This unique combination supports multiple pathways involved in the digestion, absorption and clearance of cholesterol and other detrimental fats from the system.

Barberry root extract (TrimoStat):

TrimoStat is a proprietary formulation prepared from the root of the Barberry plant, Berberis vulgaris, a flowering shrub native to Europe, Asia and northwest Africa. It is widely cultivated for its edible fruits and grown as a protective hedge on farms. Its main constituent is the botanical alkaloid berberine, found in high concentrations in the bark and roots of the plant. Several berberine-based plant extracts have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for therapeutic applications that include cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

One of berberine’s modes of action related to cholesterol homeostasis occurs at the LDL-cholesterol receptor. Under the influence of berberine, LDL-receptor numbers are increased via the biological processes of up-regulation and expression. Although the cellular absorption of cholesterol through endocytosis occurs in all nucleated cells, it dominates in the liver, which removes up to 70% of LDL cholesterol from the circulation. Once absorbed in the liver, LDL is excreted through bile as a waste component into the intestines. Pharmacologically, barberry root extract is classified as an LDL-R up-regulator and helps control blood cholesterol and LDL levels through enhanced LDL clearance by the liver.


Phytosterols are naturally occurring fat molecules found in plants. Like cholesterol, their biological equivalent in animals, phytosterols serve as the dominant structural component for the cell membranes of plants. Although phytosterols and cholesterol have similar chemical structures, they differ markedly in their synthesis, intestinal absorption and ultimate metabolic fate.

Unlike cholesterol, phytosterols are poorly absorbed in humans. While up to 60 % of dietary cholesterol typically undergoes intestinal absorption, the absorption of phytosterols is less than 2,5 %. However, due to their structural similarity to cholesterol, phytosterols compete with cholesterol for absorption in the intestines, preventing the uptake of cholesterol into the human body. Pharmacologically, phytosterols are classified as cholesterol absorption inhibitors.

Apple polyphenol extract:

Apples and their pulpy residue contain several classes of biologically active polyphenols that include flavonoids and phenolic acids. In contrast to the phytosterols that lower blood cholesterol levels by inhibiting cholesterol absorption, apple polyphenols help regulate blood cholesterol by inhibiting the breakdown of large molecules of saturated fat, which mainly consists of triglycerides and other fatty acids and preventing their digestion.

In humans, large fatty chains cannot be absorbed into the system until they are reduced in size through the combined effects of a range of fat-dissolving enzymes called lipases during digestion. The rate at which fat -digestion or lipolysis occurs, and the resultant supply of free fatty acids ready for absorption depends on the presence of lipase inhibitors, all agents that reduce the biological activity of lipase. Various studies have demonstrated that several apple polyphenols exert potent anti-lipase activity. Pharmacologically, apple polyphenols are classified as lipase inhibitors.


Psyllium is the common name used for several members of the plant genus Plantago whose seeds are commercially used to produce mucilage, a thick, gluey substance. Besides mucilage, psyllium is also high in soluble fibre. It is mainly used as a dietary fibre supplement to promote digestive health, bowel regularity, and prebiotic substrate for probiotic microorganisms.

The use of psyllium for three weeks or longer lowers blood cholesterol levels and can lower blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes (fibre lowers the glycaemic index of food). Pharmacologically psyllium increases the faecal elimination of bile acids via entrapment and adsorption and thus aids to facilitate the natural expulsion of cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL contained in bile.

Coenzyme Q10:

Coenzymes are organic molecules that act as catalysts to activate chemical reactions and increase biochemical transformations in the body.


Nicotinamide is a water-soluble vitamin belonging to the vitamin B family.

One tablet contains:

Contains: Barbery root extract 60%
RedWest blend
Contains: Phytosterols
Apple polyphenols

Free from: Sucrose, Lactose, Gluten and Tartrazine.


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