Rue Herb Cut 100g



Ruta graveolens.

Antispasmodic, emmenagogue, antitussive, antimicrobial, bitter, abortifacient.

Traditional Uses:

Mainly used to regulate menstrual periods. May relieve congestion of the uterus, having a very stimulating and tonic effect. Used to relax smooth muscle especially where there is griping and bowel tension. For colic and stomach cramps. Also, for spasmodic coughs. It may lower elevated blood pressure. Use for headaches when due to strained eyes or stress. The tea may be used to expel worms. Also used for arthritis, rheumatism, heart palpitations. For nervousness, hysteria, spasms, confusion, dizziness.

Directions to use:

Infusion: Pour 1 cup of boiling water onto 1 – 2 teaspoons of herb. Leave for 10 – 15min. Do not boil. Strain and drink three times per day.

Safety precautions:

Stay within recommended dosages. Do not use if pregnant or lactating. Consult with a medical practitioner before use.


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