Constipation in dry and hard stool patients


Constipation in dry and hard stool patients. Discontinue therapy when it becomes effective.

Contra-indicated in pregnant women.

Rhubarb is used to treat gastrointestinal heat, lack of fluid and dry stool. The Dryness of the Intestine is caused by overeating spicy, greasy and fatty food, which leads to excessive Yang and burning of Yin; or after a fever, the remaining Heat stays in the Stomach and Intestine and consumes the fluid. Rhubarb is most suitable for constipation with dry and hard stool caused by Dryness and Stagnation. Discontinue therapy when it becomes effective.

However, it contains strong laxative herbs that break down the Stagnation, so it is not suitable for regular usage for those who are old, weak and have Blood Deficiency. If it is pure constipation caused by Blood Deficiency, it should not be used. Pregnant women should not use it.


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