Resveratrol is a natural anti-oxidant commonly found in red wine, known for its anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory effects. This particular Resveratrol extract is standardized to contain a minimum of 98% trans-resveratrol, making it highly potent, pure and bioavailable.


Resveratrol has been shown to support cellular health via its powerful anti-oxidant effects in the body, making this the ideal supplement for anyone looking to support healthy ageing, combat free radicals, and support cardiovascular and brain health.

In addition to the above benefits, Resveratrol has been shown to support healthy blood sugar levels and joint health!

  • Longevity & Anti-Aging
  • Cellular Integrity & Anti-Oxidant Support
  • Cadiovascular Health & Insulin Response


Trans-Resveratrol 98%: 250mg


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