Relief Vertigo


Vertigo, headache, epilepsy, nausea and fullness in the chest.

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Vertigo, headache, epilepsy, nausea and fullness in the chest.

Relief Vertigo originates from Li Dongyuan’s “Dongyuan’s Collection of Ten Books” published in 1529. It is a special formula for headache and dizziness caused by Phlegm. Due to failure of Spleen functionsturbidity Phlegm priming Liver Wind, Liver Wind and Phlegm disturbing the head and blinding the brain, this leads to dizziness, vertigo, headache, migraine. Turbidity Phlegm blocks the Qi; therefore, headaches and dizziness may also be accompanied by chest tightness and nausea. The effect of the formulation is resolving Phlegm and calming the Liver Wind, also strengthening Spleen and removing Dampness.

A modern application is often used for those with Phlegm, such as dizziness and vertigo, chronic headache, migraine, Menier’s disease, autogenic vertigo, neurological vertigo and epilepsy caused by disturbance of the head by Liver Wind and Phlegm.


“A female patient, 70 years old, with vertigo and headache for 10 days. The Western medical diagnosis was “Menier’s Syndrome“. She had Panic, vomiting, salivation, palpitations, anorexia, sticky mouth, tingling tongue, repeated urges to change clothes, small and soft stools, white greasy tongue and weak soft pulse. Diagnosed as Wind Phlegm offence and lack of QiAfter using Relief Vertigo for a few days, the symptoms reduced greatly. After taking it for another few days, the patient had no more symptoms and was cured.”



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