Poke Root -Phytolacca Decandra Tincture



 Poke root is noted first and foremost for its effect on the Lymphatics. All glands are also benefited from its judicial use. It is very effective for the glandular conditions of the throat and sexual glands. It is specific for the mammary glands. It also acts on the skin. In large doses, it can be poisonous or fatal. So it is an herb that although very wonderful in its medicinal applications must be used with common sense.

  • The most active part is the root. I have used the whole plant for various purposes, but the root is the most active and important medicinal agent. Although the leaves are very useful as a poultice, whereas the root is too irritating and would definitely cause blistering. The root is sometimes used to burn off skin cancer. So one should be aware of the irritating nature of the root when applied to the skin. Of course, it is sometimes used in this way as an escharotic to actually burn off the skin cancer. The leaves are used in poultice in cases of breast cancer to act more gently to help promote the suppuration of the tumor.

Pytolacca decandra (Phyt.) is also classified as a  homeopathic remedy prepared from the root of the pokeweed plant,




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