Phytolacca decandra (Phyt.)



Glandular remedy.
Hot inflammation and swelling of glands.
Aggravated by COLD, WET WEATHER.
Aggravated by night, motion.
Ameliorated by  warm and dry, rest.
Throat INFLAMMATION also with tonsils, parotids.
Throat is DARK RED, or BLUISH RED (Bapt, Lach).
Throat PAIN ameliorated by COLD DRINKS.
Aggravated by WARM DRINKS.
Aggravated on RIGHT SIDE (Lyc).
Throat feels narrow, rough, hot.
Shooting pains into ears on swallowing. Mumps.
In women, mastitis after first menses, which appear soon after delivery.
Mastitis after mental or emotional stress. Hard and sensitive with purple hue. M
Milk diminished, aggravated stress or excitement.
Milk thick and lumpy. Coagulates, hangs out in strings.
Nipples: cracks and small ulcers.
Tender breasts before and during menses.
Tumors of breasts with enlarged axillary glands (cancer).



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