Pain Relief Gel – Plasma tech 100ml


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Our pain relief gel is very effective for pain relief, but it actually has many uses:


  • General Pain and inflammation
  • Bone, joint and back pain
  • Arthritis and other chronic inflammation
  • For any injuries
  • A soothing muscle rub for tense, strained and over-exerted muscles
  • A cooling, softening and anti-microbial foot massage gel
  • To cool and soothe cuts and scrapes
  • A chest rub for coughs, lung infections and reducing fevers
  • A soothing rub for over the throat area and swollen glands during colds, flu and infections


Its versatility is due to the many therapeutic ingredients and plasma based formulas, including many therapeutic oils, various herbs, superfoods, MSM, Type 2 Hydrolysed Collagen, cayenne, turmeric, vitamins and minerals.



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