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Illness & Cancer Recovery

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Target cancer and serious illnesses with this unique blend of specific bioactive compounds from Reishi and Turkey tail mushrooms. Best used as a supportive therapy in cancer patients of varying stages, particularly those experiencing immunosuppression. Immune stimulation increases important cancer-combating activities in the body. In addition, these extracts enhance the anti-tumour effects of chemotherapy by promoting the faster death rate of tumour cells, inhibiting the development of secondary malignant growth and diminishing the immune suppression brought on by factors related to carcinogenesis.

Reishi and Turkey Tail

A naturally effective complimentary supplement to support your immune system and overall health in your fight against cancer and other serious illnesses. This exclusive blend of specific bioactive compounds from Reishi and Turkey Tail extracts work together to protect the body from damaging treatment side effects while increasing effectiveness and supporting faster recovery.

Research shows marked changes in immune response by helping cancer-fighting cells – called lymphocytes – to activate. This can result in a decrease in the number and size of tumours.

Reishi and Turkey Tail mushroom extracts also contain a wide range of beneficial anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial and cardio, liver and gastro protective compounds.

Take with Kuja Premium Blend

100 capsules


Each vegan capsule contains a blend of specific bio-active components extracted from pure Turkey Tail and Reishi.

Total extract

Per serving serving of 5 capsules: 2750 mg

Dosage (take with Kuja Premium Blend)
Morning                       Evening
Severe illness:           5 caps                          3 caps
Less severe illness:  3 caps                          2 caps


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