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Recommended Daily Dosage: 1 level measure = 2 grams (2000mg)

To prepare ‘Ocean Milk’
 Mix 1 level measuring-spoon of ‘OCEAN MILK’ mineral powder into a glass jug containing 1-2 litres of boiled or filtered water. The temperature can vary between hot and room temperature. (Warmer is better than ice cold). Stir well; let stand for a few minutes then stir again before drinking.

How to use “Ocean Milk “
 Pour a glass full of ‘OCEAN MILK’ immediately after stirring (while the powder is still in suspension). Stir and sip the ‘milk’ throughout the day. If you feel sick or bloated, you are drinking too fast and your body is not absorbing the liquid well. In this case follow the directions below.

Detoxification or poor absorption.
 If you have any unusual symptoms or you don’t feel well, you need to cut down the dosage, (to slow down the detoxifying effect).
 For a less concentrated drink, do not pour your ‘Ocean Milk’ immediately after stirring, but let it settle for 5 -10 minutes first.
 Simply add more water to your ‘Ocean Milk’ powder at the bottom of your jug or bottle, as it will not deteriorate. Over a period of weeks cut down the settling time of your milk before drinking to make it more concentrated.

Vitamin D
 You require 2 IU’s of Vitamin D for each milligram of calcium to be absorbed. Vitamin D is produced on the skin during exposure to direct sunlight (about 30 minutes daily). It is also available in capsules or as Halibut and Cod liver oil.

 Now you can enjoy the same benefits as the people of Okinawa by drinking turbid “OCEAN MILK” in your own home!

Coral calcium multi-mineral powder.


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