Neurovance – 30 Capsules



What does NeuroVance™ do?
NeuroVance™ assists with alleviating symptoms of stress and helps you cope during times of emotional depletion, greater workload and mental exhaustion.

How does NeuroVance™ work?
NeuroVance™ has been formulated from a combination of botanical compounds that has the recognised ability to enhance separate but interconnected components of brain function, thereby giving your brain a physiological advantage during busy and stressful periods and emotional fatigue.

Who can use NeuroVance™?
Anyone suffering from stress, mental exhaustion, mood and anxiety-related disorders, especially during times of excessive workloads, emotional hardship, relationship problems and exams.

What are the symptoms of stress and despair?
Stress presents with a variety of symptoms that include feelings of nervousness, restlessness and being on edge. Other symptoms include irritability, feeling gloomy and despondent, poor concentration and sleep disturbances.

What causes stress?
A number of influences such as your genetic make-up and environmental stress factors contribute to the development of stress. These also determine how you respond and cope with stressful events. Stress is often triggered by the culmination of the many unexpected problems that we have to deal with each day. Examples include excessive work load, traumatic or stressful events, exam pressure and conflict situations with other people. While a small dose of stress can actually help motivate us to perform at our best, too much stress makes us feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. This is when we need support.

How can I combat stress?
Seeing that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, the best way to achieve this is with a combination of different strategies. The first step towards optimising your brain function is to following a proper, wholesome diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables must be consumed on a daily basis to obtain the right micronutrients. Minimise the intake of toxic substances like alcohol and tobacco smoke. Exercise is a highly effective way of relieving the symptoms of stress. Getting enough sleep and seeking support to deal with relationship problems are also proven ways of keeping daily stress levels under control.

What else can I do to give my brain a competitive edge during stressful times?
There are many nutrients and botanical compounds that are known to assist mental functions such as memory, concentration, alertness and recall. Rhodiola rosea is a plant that grows in Arctic regions. Traditionally, rhodiola was used by Siberians and Scandinavians to improve vitality in harsh environments. To improve physical and mental endurance under stressful conditions, rhodiola was routinely given to cosmonauts and special force soldiers. Various studies have assessed rhodiola’s effect on neurological function. In particular, studies on human subjects have shown that it improves mood by displaying the unique ability to alleviate the symptoms of both depression and anxiety. Rhodiola’s mode of action appears to be mediated by its influence on the levels of two important ‘happiness’ neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine.

Trials done with rhodiola on patients suffering from mild to moderate depression showed a marked improvement regarding scores of insomnia, anxiety and emotional stability. Various studies have also demonstrated that rhodiola alleviates exhaustion, improves general mental performance and increases the ability to concentrate. One such a study examined this effect in healthy physicians during night duty. During this double blind, cross-over study, a statistically significant improvement in perceptive and cognitive mental functions was measured in all the doctors that participated in the trial.

Inositol, another organic molecule, occurs naturally as phytic acid in the fibre component of certain plant foods, and as myo-inositol in meat. Myo-inositol is found to bio-accumulate most abundantly in the central nervous system, where it plays an important role as the structural basis for numerous signalling and messenger molecules that play a crucial role in a number of biological processes. Documented studies on inositol supplementation have demonstrated beneficial results for people suffering from a variety of neuro-psychological conditions such as anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia and depression.


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