Neurest – Concentration and Memory


An all natural and safe, non-habit forming supplement containing B vitamins and selected amino acids and mineral combinations specifically designed to support the brain and neurological system. 


Neurest Capsules, a fantastic, safe and effective natural brain and neurological supportive supplement comprising a unique combination of B Vitamins to support, nourish and feed the brain and neurological system, helping the body cope better with stress, reducing anxiety, improving memory and concentration. Particularly helpful in ADD, ADHD, OCD and depression.

The amino acid compound, DLPA supports production of endorphins (feel good hormones) to increase mood whilst also reducing the re-uptake of these endorphins, supporting a positive and stable mood, reducing anxiety, supporting memory, concentration and a general sense of wellbeing.

Added Chromium stabilizes blood sugar levels, reducing sugar cravings.

Glutamine repairs the gut which is often affected during stress, Glutamine also supports energy production.

Safe to be used during pregnancy (confirm how much Vitamin A the patient is already taking) and breastfeeding. Safe for children to use. Open the capsule if so required and decant into a health smoothie for children.

Adults, take 2 capsules 3 x daily, dosage can be reduced as symptoms improve. Children 2 capsules 2 x daily.

Contains 60 Vegi Caps


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