Nebulization Kit with Trifectiv Nebulizing Solution



Nebzmart is a nebulizing device that may assist with the treatment of swelling of the airways, shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing due to allergic reactions or conditions.

The Nebzmart nebulizer boasts with advanced Mesh Technology which makes it virtually silent, ensures improved drug delivery and improved compliance. All this is contained in a palm-sized, battery-operated device which makes it easy to travel with and easy to use anytime, anywhere. Nebzmart is the ideal nebulizing device for mums with children who require nebulizing or adults who have acute or chronic respiratory diseases.

Trifectiv nebulizing solution is an anti-bacterial anti-viral solution used in the nebulizer. This is included in your purchase.

– Active Vibrating Mesh Technology
– Quiet Operation (57 dB)
– Small and Portable
– Short treatment time
– Low drug loss and residual volume
– Works with 2 x AA batteries or USB power cable
– One Button Operation
– Easy to assemble

Cleaning Tips:
– Discard the residual solution and rinse the medication cup
– Rinse medication cup – Distilled or boiled or cooled water should be used for rinsing
– Mouthpiece – Hand wash the mask and mouthpiece in warm water (30°C) using a neutral detergent

What’s in the box

– Trifectiv Nebulising Solution 50ml
– Nebzmart Device
– Medication Cup
– Child Face mask
– Adult Face mask
– Mouthpiece
– USB cable
– Travel Pouch



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