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The plasma based nasal spray is a mix of therapeutic plasma waters formulated as a remedy for any of the following:

  • Colds and flu
  • Sinusitis
  • Streaming eyes and nose and excess mucus
  • Blocked and stuffy noses
  • Inflammation in the ear, nose and throat area, including sore throats
  • Dry nose and throat
  • Dehydration, including related headaches experienced in hot, dry or windy conditions

A combination of herbal, mineral, vitamin and oil ingredients in plasmatic form with high electron donating capabilities makes for a formula that gently rehydrates, heals, soothes and clears the sinuses, mucus membranes and throat. It also calms a headache – especially in a case where there is a high temperature, dehydration and sunburn. The combination is also naturally anti-inflammatory and cleansing for anyone older than 2 years (due to the spray nozzle).

It is a great first line of defence against pathogens that are breathed in, for example to use during travelling or in a work environment where you are interacting with numerous people.

Use as frequently as every 15 minutes in the first 2-3 hours for the best and quickest results.


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