NAD 50mg with 400mg d-Ribose Capsules 60


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NAD is a molecule that occurs naturally in the human body. The abbreviation stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, also commonly known as NAD, and this compound can come in two forms: NAD+ and NADH (the ‘+’ refers to the oxidized form of NAD, while NADH refers to the reduced form). Coenzymes like NAD bind to other enzymes to help initiate and accelerate actions that are essential to our body’s healthy function.

NAD+ works as a transporter to carry electrons from one molecule to another within the cells of our body to help carry out various reactions. NAD+ and its counterpart, NADH, are vital in generating energy to power the many actions necessary for cell survival.

NAD is a key component of many physiological processes:

  1. Oxidative reactions. The transfer of electrons to and from other molecules to power reactions in the body.
  2. Enzyme activities. A necessary molecule for enzymes responsible for cell metabolism and the production of molecules used to maintain the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle (circadian rhythm).
  3. Cellular functions. That includes DNA repair, protein modifications, and immune cell function.


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