MSM 700mg per capsule (90 capsules)



Methyl-sulfonyl-methane. Useful for inflammation, arthritis, joints and circulation. Levels decline with age. MSM is a natural sulphur source with anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties (especially seasonal allergies such as pollen allergy). Some research also suggests that MSM may support immune function and reduce glycation, an age accelerating metabolic process that occurs in the body (especially as a result of a diet high in refined carbohydrates). Natural body stores of MSM decline in tandem with the ageing process. MSM also boosts skin-collagen, thereby helping to slow wrinkle formation and reduce skin sagging. MSM also provides sulphur for hair and nail growth. Some research suggests that MSM may also reduce acne. The therapeutic effects of MSM are enhanced by vitamin C (Vitamin C is essential for the metabolism of MSM to sulphur).





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