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~~MMS type drops are a unique chemical oxidizer that can enter the water. It kills pathogens that are causing diseases and touches absolutely nothing else. MMS also destroys heavy metal compounds in the water and many different poisons. This unique ability is that MMS is a very weak oxidizer with an oxidation potential of +.95 volts. The only thing MMS can do in the water kills disease. When MMS is activated with Citric Acid, it becomes the World’s best Pathogen Destroyer – known as Chlorine Dioxide. (CIO2)

Now please do not become concerned that this is somehow chlorine. It is no more kindred to chlorine than table salt, which, as you know, is made of chlorine. Chlorine dioxide (CIO2) has been used to purify water for 80 years and has been sold in chemical form in health food stores for 80 years in the form of sodium chloride, known as stabilized oxygen.

When we mention master mineral solution, we refer to mineral chlorine dioxide (CIO2) delivered from sodium chlorite. Sodium chlorite is found in its natural state in many places in the World; however, it is normally cheaper to manufacture it than to mine it. Still, it is considered a mineral in either case, and in fact, anything that is not animal or vegetable is a mineral.

The most effective killer of pathogens, viruses, molds, parasites and other disease-causing organisms known to man is chlorine dioxide (CIO2). No gas, no powerful industrial acids, no pesticides, no other chemical kills pathogens better than chlorine dioxide. It is one of the few things that can even kill anthrax.

Chlorine dioxide(CIO2) is one of the few known minerals (some call it a chemical, but it is also a mineral) that kills viruses on hospital floors, slaughterhouses, water, vegetables, and on farms food distributors.

For more than 70 years, chlorine dioxide(CIO2) has been used to kill pathogens in water supplies without killing the beneficial bacteria. This unique chemical has characteristics that set it aside from all other chemicals when it comes to destroying micro-organisms of all kinds, causing disease.

Why does chlorine dioxide kill only pathogens and poisons?

You must wonder why pathogens are the only things that CIO2 can destroy. CIO2 can probably destroy many things, but the only things in the water that it can destroy are pathogens. It just happens because of their nature that almost all pathogens, including bacteria, molds, yeast, fungi, and disease-causing parasites, have outer membranes (skins) that can be easily oxidized by chlorine dioxide.










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