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Methylene blue (MB#5) for Health – increasing oxygenation and improving metabolic health

Considered both a medicine and a dye, methylene blue has a variety of medicinal and health applications. The first synthetic drug ever created, methylene blue originally served as an effective malaria treatment. While still used as a malaria treatment today, the applications now extend far beyond this singular use to include a wide array of purposes.

MB#5 is a liquid supplement that supports optimal oxygenation of tissues and cells. Each of the ingredients in MB#5 has been shown in scientific studies to increase cellular respiration, uncouple oxidative metabolism, and thus support more optimal cellular health.

This is believed to result in improved vitality and energy levels.
Drops per container: about 340
Each drop contains approximately:


Methylene Blue (MB), USP: 0.4mg (400mcg)

MB#5 relaxes due to methylene blue removing lactic acid in the muscles. It helps the body metabolize it more quickly and restore the NAD/NADH ratio. Use MB#5 after your gym session.
The half-life of MB is about 6 hours in plasma and 30+ hours in tissues like the brain and liver. So, it can build up over time. More reasons to use a lower dose unless you try to mimic the studies using 15mg daily for severe depression or 60mg for advanced Alzheimers.

Methylene blue is an oxidation-reduction agent. The FDA approves the intravenous form of methylene blue for the treatment of pediatric and adult patients with acquired methemoglobinemia. Historically, it has been widely used in Africa to treat malaria, but it disappeared when chloroquine (CQ) and other drugs entered the market. Its use as a urinary tract antiseptic has also been investigated. Methylthioninium chloride (INN, or methylene blue, proposed trade name Rember) is an investigational drug developed by the University of Aberdeen and TauRx Therapeutics that has been shown in early clinical trials to be an inhibitor of Tau protein aggregation. The drug is of potential interest for treating patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Oral mucositis is a complication of cancer therapy, causing severe pain that affects oral functioning, nutrition, quality of life, and therapy nonadherence or dose-limiting toxicity. Anecdotal experience has suggested that methylene blue (MB) oral rinse may effectively and safely treat this oral pain.

Methylene blue (MB) was developed as a textile industry dye but had potent antibiotic and antioxidant properties. For instance, it is used clinically to treat nitric oxide-induced hypotensive complications that arise from septic shock, ischemia, and cardiopulmonary bypass.


  • Methylene Blue Is A Potent Anti-inflammatory, With Possibly The Broadest Spectrum
  • Methylene Blue Delays Cellular Senescence And Enhances Key Mitochondrial Biochemical Pathways
  • Methylene Blue Improves Short-term Memory In Humans
  • Methylene Blue Cures Malaria Within 48 Hours And Stops Its Further Spread
  • Another Human Study Shows Methylene Blue (MB) May Treat Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) If Used On Its Own
  • Methylene Blue For Skin Health
  • Man With Male Pattern Baldness Regrows Hair With Methylene Blue
  • Methylene Blue (MB) Is A Potent Aromatase Inhibitor
  • Methylene Blue (MB) Reverses Fatty Liver Disease
  • Methylene Blue (MB) Is An Estrogen Antagonist
  • Methylene Blue (MB) Mimics Thyroid – Boosts T4, Lowers TSH
  • Methylene Blue In Treatment Of Cancer, Aging & Dementia
  • Methylene Blue (MB) Uncouples Respiration
  • Methylene Blue Inhibits Fatty Acid Oxidation And Improves Metabolic Flexibility In The Heart
  • Niacinamide And Methylene Blue Increase Estrogen Deactivation (by the Liver)
  • Methylene Blue As A Treatment For Manic Depressive Psychosis
  • Methylene blue photoinactivation abolishes West Nile virus infectivity in vivo
  • Methylene Blue Facilitates The Extinction Of Fear In An Animal Model Of Susceptibility To Learned Helplessness
  • Methylene blue (MB) for oral Candida (Candidiasis)
  • Protection Against Neurodegeneration With Low-dose Methylene Blue And Near-infrared Light







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