Medicinal Mushroom-Lions Mane- Brain Booster Power



Hericium erinaceus – Benefits

  • Supports healthy brain function
  • Assists in strengthening nervous system to endure low energy, stress and exhaustion
  • Supports mental clarity and focus
  • Supports stimulation of Nerve Growth Factor
  • Supports recovery after illness or medical treatment
  • Promotes anti-ageing
  • Acts as a digestive tonic
  • Hericium erinaceus has been used to stimulate the activity of the syntheses of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) which may enhance cognitive function and help to slow down the onset of dementia, brain dysfunction associated with Alzheimer’s. It has been reported to have improved memory, concentration and focus on consumption. Supports the nervous system and reduces anxiety and neurological disorders.

Medi Mushrooms capsules are vegan-friendly, Kosher and Halaal with prebiotics


  • Adults & children over 12 years: Take 2 capsules twice daily (Please start with 1 capsule and work up, if necessary)
  • Children 6-12 years: Take 1 capsules twice daily. (Please start with 1 capsule and work up if necessary)
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Suitable for diabetics.


Not recommended for children 6 years and under.

Ingredients (per capsule)

250mg Hericium erinaceus extracts with prebiotics

Nutritional Content:

  • Polysaccharide
  • Hericenones
  • Protein
  • Amino acid (especially Glutamic acid – 0.6422mg/g)


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