L-Lysine 500mg Veg caps (90)



Vegan, Kosher

L-Lysine, vegan source amino acid.

Safety: No toxicity issues reported    

Dosage: Herpes Simplex prevention: 1000-3000mg/day. Herpes Simplex acute treatment minimum of 3000mg/day in divided doses throughout the day away from foods4. Osteoporosis: 400-800mg/day with calcium supplementation. Safe for 12 years onwards.

Potential Applications: cold sores, shingles, genital herpes, hearth health, osteoporosis and anxiety.

Known Contraindications: Individuals with renal or hepatic failure are contraindicated as lysine metabolism occurs in the liver.

Pregnancy & Lactation: No safety data for supplementation levels of L-lysine during pregnancy or lactation, however, dietary levels are deemed safe.

Useful Links: Lysine’s anti-viral qualities may be further enhanced when used with vitamin C and or immune stimulating herbs such as Echinacea.


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