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Obesity, hyperlipemia, high cholesterol.

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Obesity (correct dietary adjustments should also be applied), hyperlipemia, high cholesterol.

Jiangzhi is a formula to lower cholesterol and therefore helps in case of hyperlipidaemia. Chinese medicine believes that hyperlipidaemia is the pathological state of Phlegm and Dampness, Qi and Blood stagnation. Mainly due to overworking, excessive diet, fatty, sweet food, or frail old age the viscera function declined. The inability of the digestion function causes Phlegm accumulation of Spleen and Stomach, the Phlegm obstructs the blood flow and hyperlipidaemia occurs. Therefore, this formula is mainly to strengthen the spleen and enhance the functions of organ transportation function (enhance metabolic function). It is compatible with Qi and Blood promoting and Phlegm (fat reduction) resolving herbs; Phlegm is Damp and turns easily into Heat, so the formula is also compatible with Heat-clearing herbs. The formula can also be used for arteriosclerosis and obesity caused by Phlegm and Dampness, in clinic it is also used for weight loss.


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