Ignatia Amara (Ign.) granules


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Ignatia is the number one remedy for   grief, shock of bad news, loss of a loved one. Many of the emotional symptoms including   ill effects of grief and worry.    Ignatia Amara is the most important homeopathic remedies for grief.   At one time or another, every person on earth will need this remedy.  Ignatia is indicated in acute grief events, for deep emotional shocks and  especially the loss of loved ones.
Ignatia does not “stop the grief”; instead it gently helps the mind and body process the grief and restore the enormous energy that grief takes away from the immune system.
Crying, weeping – or even unexpressed tears, as well as denial.
Sometimes, the crying and weeping can turn into  hysterical, uncontrollable laughing.
Sometimes the person is inward, withdrawing and showing no open grief symptoms.
Symptoms include a sensation as if there is a lump in the throat which prevents you from swallowing as easily.
There can also be a  heaviness in the chest, including difficulty breathing deeply.
There is often  difficulty sleeping.  You may try to sleep, but can’t fall asleep as you experience deep sadness over your loss.
You may replay the events over and over again in your mind.
Dreams at night may be full of disappointment and unfulfilled expectations.
Some people will sleep or rest for a longer period after taking Ignatia and need  for more sleep is s good sign of healing.  It means the body can more efficiently process the sadness and the deepness emotional shock from the loss of a loved one.
Other symptoms include changeable moods.
Twitching of facial muscles.
Violent yawning.
Dry spasmodic cough.
Coffee aggravates many problems for people who need this remedy.



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