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Hyos is an important remedy for behavioural or learning problems in children, types of dementia in the elderly, or outright promiscuity, mania and seizures types in all ages.

Children display silly, annoying behaviour in which they get pleasure from deliberately irritating or upsetting others – they ‘act out’ for the effect it produces even to the point of trying to shock by publicly removing their clothes or engaging in precocious sexual behaviour.

The symptoms of those needing Hyos are often worsened by touch or heightened emotions from disappointed love, jealousy or fright.

They will be restless, often feel hot, and may experience tics, jerks, or spasms. Sinuous movements or dancing may be observed.

Fingers and hands are described as ‘busy’ in that they will often play or pick at things constantly and restlessly.

Hyoscyamus Niger (Hyos.) Symptoms


  • Silly, foolish behavior. Poor impulse control.
  • Lack of inhibition or morality. Lewd talk, cursing, promiscuousness, exhibitionism, masturbation. Enjoys shocking others.
  • Sometimes the reverse can be present – shame about nakedness, strong aversion to undressing in company, aversion to men.
  • Strongly affected by disappointed love or fright.
  • Feel as though an outsider.
  • Tendency to jealousy. Malicious and calculating.
  • Suspicion and paranoia with violent outbursts. Threaten to kill.
  • Excited, talkative, extroverted (some will have long periods of sitting in silence).
  • Fear of dogs, animals, water.


  • Dry spasmodic cough worse for lying down and better for sitting erect.


  • Twitches, jerks, cramps, or spasms.
  • Types of chorea. Sinuous movements or dancing


  • Desire to expose genitals or even masturbate in public.
  • Masturbation in young children.


  • Symptoms worsen at the beginning or during the menstrual period.

Nervous System

  • Types of epilepsy and seizures.


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