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The History of Estrogen Therapy, why women need to consider Natural Progesterone and CO2 Therapy to get rid of excess estrogen


If you raise your Metabolism with CO2 Therapy, you will have more energy, and that energy has all the functions that hormones are being used for.

Fighting Estrogen dominance begins with progesterone and Co2 therapy.

Please download a free copy of the hormone study. 

Abstract: This paper explores the history of hormone replacement therapy (“HRT”). It focuses on the
development and marketing of HRT drugs, the regulation of HRT by the Food and Drug Administration
(“FDA”), and the effect medical studies have had on the development, marketing, and regulation of HRT
over the years. First, a discussion of the difficulty of defining menopause is explored. Second, the early
history, treatments, and attitudes towards menopause are described. Next, the discovery, manufacture, and
FDA approval of estrogen are detailed. The subsequent section examines how the pharmaceutical industry
created a perception of menopause as a disease in all midlife women. Then, the cost-benefit analysis of HRT
is explored through medical studies’ connection of HRT to various diseases. Finally, the aftermath of the
landmark Women’s Health Initiative study is discussed, followed by a few concluding thoughts on what we
can learn from the history of HRT.

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