Hepar sulphuris (Hep.) granules


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  • Great sensitiveness to all impressions.
  • Tendency to suppuration.
  • Cough when exposed to dry and cold wind.
  • Chronic and recurring urticaria.
  • Deep cracks on hands and feet.
  • Stimulates the suppuration (pus formation) or ripening of an abscess or boils
  • ¬†Inflammation with a tendency to suppuration.
  • Sensitivity to pain and the slightest draft of air.
  • There can be a sensation “as if there is a splinter” in the tissues (throat, anus, etc.)
  • There is a great desire for vinegar and sour things.
  • Left-sided sore throats relieved by drinking hot drinks.
  • It is also effective for the typical candida yeast discharge (cottage cheese-like discharge); all discharges have a spoiled cheese smell.
  • Great sensitiveness to dry, cold weather.
  • Sneezes every time he/she goes into a cold, dry wind.
  • Runny nose and then a thick, offensive discharge, smelling like old cheese.



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