Graphites (Graph.) granules


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Graphites is a wonderful deep acting constitutional remedy prepared from black lead (mineral carbon).
Infrequent, scanty, or absent menstruation; enlarged ovaries; swelling of the breasts; late menstruation with constipation.
Graphites is a great remedy for menopausal complaints.
Skin complaints, especially weeping eczema with a honey like discharge that often occurs behind the ears and the knees, on the palms of the hands, and on the nipples.
Dryness of skin.
Nails deformed and brittle.
Obesity, hot drinks create problems.
Offensive breath.
Good for people with a metabolic imbalance that may cause skin complaints, such as psoriasis and dry, cracked skin
Cuts that easily become infected and pus-filled
Scar tissue that hardens
Keloids (raised, itchy scars);
Abnormal nail formation where the nails are thick, cracked, and misshapen. Toe nail fungus.
Obesity may result due to an inability to absorb nutrients correctly.
Ulcers caused by a weakness in the stomach lining – better when lying down and from eating hot food; may alternate with skin complaints
Cold sores
Hair loss
Cramps and numbness in the hands and feet
Occasional hot sweats following nosebleeds
Swollen glands.



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