Good to Go, Smooth and Exfoliator


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good to glow is a hybrid exfoliator that uses the best of chemical and physical exfoliation for smooth, bright and glowing skin. a combination of alpha / polyhydroxy acids effectively remove dead skin cells, while biodegradable jojoba beads complete the exfoliation in a gentle manner that does not damage the skin.

product heroes:

  • lactic acid (aha) and gluconolactone (pha) to brighten and renew.
  • jojoba beads to gently exfoliate and smooth.
  • green rooibos extract to soothe and purify.

good for:  

  • hybrid exfoliator, both chemical and physical, for a smooth and glowing finish.
  •  for all skin types that want a brighter, clearer and softer look.
  • alpha / polyhydroxy acids remove the old for renewed, radiant skin.
  • uses biodegradable jojoba beads that are gentle and micro-tear safe.
  • use before your body wash 2-3 times a week for best results.


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