Four gentleman


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Four Gentlemen Formula comes from “Tai Ping Formulas of welfare dispensary” published by emperor’s pharmacy of the Song Dynasty in 1106 AD. It is the basic formula for Qi supplementQi is the basic driving force for life activities. “Gentlemen” means that the nature of the formula is tolerant and peaceful. It tonifies gentle, just like a gentleman who has impartiality, compromise and reconciliation. The composition of four herbs is named Four Gentlemen Formula. The Spleen and Stomach are the foundation of the Acquired Qi, and the Mizutani Essence digested from Spleen and Stomach is the source of Qi. Therefore, the role of Four Gentlemen Formula is to tonify QiSpleen and Stomach. It also helps with period pain and absence of menstruation.

Modern research has shown the effect of regulating gastrointestinal movement, which can not only inhibit the gastrointestinal advancement movement and reduce stomach pain, nausea and vomiting, but also restore the reduced movement of the Small Intestine to normal. Under the condition of gastric ulcer, it can reduce the secretion of gastric juice and lower its pH value, which is beneficial to the healing of a gastrointestinal ulcer. Can improve pepsin activity and improve digestion and absorption. This formula also has the role of enhancing immune function, promoting metabolism, protecting the liver, anti-tumour and anti-mutation, improving microcirculation, anti-platelet aggregation, delaying ageing and anti-stress response.


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