Foot & Bath Soak Restorative – Plasma Tech 500ml


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This is a lovely and luxurious way to experience improved healing while completely de-stressing the system!

The plasma based bath and foot soak was originally formulated to assist reflexology practitioners with a therapeutic, healing and  rejuvenating foot wash, with specially selected oils, to use on their clients towards the end of their treatment.

It was therefore formulated to include ingredients that could sooth, heal, regenerate and boost circulation, immunity and ward off pathogens.

Subsequently, those that have used it either as a bath or foot soak have found that it does relax the nervous system, sooth the senses, improve sleep, calm the nerves whilst still energising the cells. It improves the healing time of injuries and seems to help with pain and inflammation.

The two different essential oil options also have their own unique benefits. The Rose and Ylang Ylang option is nurturing and protective over your system – instilling feelings of safety, gentle healing and emotional fulfilment. Whereas the Cajeput option is more herby and therapeutic smelling – a perfect option for when a person is needing a cleanse. This fragrance opens the lungs and sinuses and helps a person with support during colds, flu, sinusitis, coughs and infections. This option does induce a cooling sweat after use, helping to clean out the system and support immunity.


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