Fever Few 75g



Tanecetum parthenium

Migraine prophylactic, anti-inflammatory

Traditional Uses:

Treat headaches. Also, headaches arising from a cold. May also assists with “Vertigo”, the turning of the head. Reduces symptoms of rheumatism and arthritic problems. Will help relieve painful periods and sluggish menstrual flow. Can be used to speed up labour and after childbirth to cleanse and tone the uterus. Helps for dizziness and tinnitus. Reduces fever. May expel worms.

Directions to use:

Infusion: Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons leaves. Infuse and strain. Drink two to three times per day. Use for 10 days, skip 2 days.

Safety precautions:

Patients taking Warfarin or blood thinning medicine should not use. It may take 1-4 months before the effects become evident. Do not use if pregnant or lactating. Consult with a medical practitioner before use.


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