Female Support Formula 90 cap


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Agnus castus, is a shrub with violet flowers and fruit. This herb has a long tradition of use as a general balancer for the female hormones. Black Cohosh Extract may provide natural relief from Menopause symptoms. Dong Quai root is used extensively throughout the Orient, particularly by women for menstrual concerns. Wild Yam is a natural oestrogen used through the ages which may help alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Siberian Ginseng is used to help relieve fatigue and help improve memory and concentration.

Agnus Castus Powder 100mg
Black Cohosh Extract 4:1 15mg
Dong Quai Root Powder 80mg
Wild Yam Extract 10:1 10mg
Ginseng (Siberian) Powder 150mg

Suggested Usage:
3 capsules daily.
Do not take when menstruating or pregnant.


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