Febro 2


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Febro 2


This is a homoeopathic medicine which assists in supporting the function of the liver and hepatobiliary system.


Homoeopathic complementary medicine
Each 1ml of liquid contains:

Chelidonium majus Spag D3
Citrullus colocynthis Spag D10
Lycopodium clavatum Spag D10
Podophyllum peltatum Spag D10
Strychnos nux-vomica (Nux vomica) Spag D6
Veronicastrum (Leptandra) virginicum Spag D3
Preservative: 20% Alcohol

Homoeopathic Mode of Action

Chelidonium majus acts on the liver and gall bladder to improve function and relieve congestion of these organs.

Citrullus colocynthis is indicated for severe colic and cutting pains in the abdomen, thin green diarrhoea and vomiting of food or greenish bile-tasting liquid.

Lycopodium clavatum acts on the hepatic system to treat digestive disturbances accompanied by a sensitive liver, bloated, full feeling in abdomen and flatulence.

Podophyllum peltatum acts on the hepatic and portal circulatory systems to treat gastroenteritis with colicy pain and bilious vomiting, nausea and constipation with dry, hard, clay-coloured stools.

Strychnos nux-vomica relieves chronic symptoms including heartburn, indigestion and liver pain that arise from dietary overindulgence, excessive alcohol and smoking.

Veronicastrum virginicum acts on the liver and portal circulation to help treat biliousness.

Dosage and Directions

10 drops directly on the tongue or diluted in a little water three times daily. Infants: Dilute with water and allow to stand for a short time before administering. Reduce dosage with improvement of symptoms.

Side Effects and Special Precautions

There are no known side effects.


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