Eye Bright Herb 75g


Anticatarrhal, astringent, anti-inflammatory



Euphrasia Officinalis

Pharmacological actions

Anticatarrhal, astringent, anti-inflammatory

Suggested Traditional uses

Tonic and an astringent.  Helps with problems of mucous membranes.  Strengthens eyes, conjunctivitis, sinus, catarrh. Good for allergies, itchy and/or watery eyes and runny nose.  Helps with hay fever

Directions and safety precautions

Infusion 1 tsp in 1 cup of boiled water.   Steep for 5 -10 min.  Drink 3x/day.

Tincture 1-4 ml 3x/day

To make a compressed place 1 tsp of the herb in ½ liter of water.  Boil for 10 min and let cool slightly.


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