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Migraine, headache, hayfever, Common cold, and acute sinusitis in a headache, chills, and watery nasal discharge.

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Migraine, headache, hayfever, Common cold and acute sinusitis in a headache, chills, and watery nasal discharge.

Contra-indicated in pregnancy.

Expel Wind is the main formulation for the treatment of headaches caused by exogenous Wind Evils. It is from the first Chinese patent prescription “Tai Ping Formulas of welfare dispensary” disseminated by China in the Song Dynasty. It has been in clinical use for more than 900 years. Since the formulation contains pungent and warm herbs which have the effect of spreading and sweating, it is most suitable for those with Wind-Cold Evil and headache. Chinese medicine believes that humans correspond to nature and uses this to understand the causes of disease. Wind is a common cause of illness. Wind Evils are classified into exogenous (originating from outside the body) and endogenous (originating from within the body) Wind Evils.

Ancient Chinese physicians said that “the characteristics of Wind are moving and changeable“, which means that exogenous Wind Evils can cause a variety of diseases, most likely to cause headaches. The reason is that exogenous Wind Evils can easily move up, disturb and block the Qi in the head which results in headaches. Chronic headaches caused by Wind Evils are common in migraines, common colds, chronic rhinitis, acute sinusitis, etc. The effect of Expel Wind is to dispersal Wind and relieve pain.

Contra-indicated in pregnancy (max. 3 days and normal dosage)



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