Eucalyptus oil 250ml




Eucalyptus Globules

Strong and camphoraceous, anti-septic, anti-viral, stimulating, insect repellent, concentration.

Circulatory: Blood purifier, high blood sugar, high body temperature, palpitations, poor circulation.
Digestive: Cholera, diarrhea, gall stones, indigestion, worms.
Emotional: Confusion, depression, exhaustion. Combines with – lemon, basil.
Genito-urinary: Cystitis, diuretic, fluid retention, menstrual problems.
Head: Headache, migraine, sinusitis, sore throat, laryngitis.
Muscular: Aching, fibrositis, sprains. Combines with – chamomile, lavender.
Respiratory: Asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs, flu, hay fever, pneumonia. Combines with – pine, benzoin.
Nervous: Combines with – lavender, peppermint.
Skeletal: Combines with – juniper, rosemary.
Safety: Internally very toxic 3.5ml fatal, not with homeopathic treatments or chemotherapy for cancer.
Skin: Acne boils, burns, fevers, herpes, ulcers, wounds. Combines with – lavender, tea tree.


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