Eterna™ Tocotrienol 125mg 90% Delta Fraction


Delta Fraction Tocotrienols are supercharged Vitamin E free radical fighting antioxidant power.



Vitamin E found in most nutraceutical products is called tocopherol.

Eterna™ contains Delta Fraction Tocotrienols which are smaller and have an unsaturated tail. It spins around the cell wall 50 x faster than tocopherol. It is like comparing 50G to 1G!

Tocotrienol is an extract of the Annatto plant which is found in Africa and the Amazon.

Extensive research has been done on Eterna™ (tocotrienol).

How will Eterna™ protect you?

The cells in your body are under constant attack from FREE RADICALS, which are mainly overcharged molecules. The accumulation of these harmful molecules depends on your lifestyle. Bad food choices, smoking, excessive alcohol use, increased stress levels, pollutants, bad fats such as artificial trans-fats and too much sun exposure (radiation) all contribute to higher levels of FREE RADICALS.

Your body does produce natural antioxidants to remove these RADICALS, but not enough. If there is an imbalance (too many free radicals and too few antioxidants) oxidative stress occurs which will damage your cells, ultimately leading to disease.


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