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Cough with white phlegm, fullness in the chest and stomach, nausea or vomiting.

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Cough with white phlegm, fullness in the chest and stomach, nausea or vomiting.

Er Chen Tang, from “Tai Ping Formulas of welfare dispensary” from 1151 AD, is a basic formula for treating problems caused by Phlegm. Chinese medicine believes that Phlegm is a pathological product, formed by Damp polymerization. The Phlegm may move upward or downward and overflow everywhere with Qi and the clinical symptoms are extremely complicated. Cough is the Phlegm in the Lungs, vomit is Phlegm in the Stomach, dizziness is Phlegm in the head, palpitations are Phlegm in the Heart, cold is Phlegm in the back. Symptoms change a lot, so the Chinese medicine says that all diseases may be caused by Phlegm.

Er Chen Tang is widely used to treat a variety of conditions caused by Phlegm, such as a large amount of thin Phlegm; vomiting, nausea, dizziness and palpitations; uncomfortable stomach. The nature of Phlegm includes Cold Phlegm, Heat Phlegm, food Phlegm, dry Phlegm, Wind Phlegm, Damp Phlegm, etc. According to the relationship between the nature of Phlegm and viscera and the clinical symptoms, Er Chen Tang can be used together with additional formulas in the treatment of various Phlegm Syndromes.

Modern Chinese medicine uses it to treat amenorrhoea, habitual headache, chronic cough and chronic bronchitis, neurological vomiting, pregnancy nausea etc.


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