Echinacea Bonbons/Lozenges


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~~Echinacea Bonbons

Bonbons / Lozenges

Benefits and features
Preventative for colds
Helps fight the misery of colds and flu
Made from freshly harvested Echinacea purpurea herb and root
Ideal for those who want to take Echinaforce® but don’t like swallowing tablets
Lactose and gluten free
Soft , sweet core
Wound from honey, no gluing

Echinacea purpurea, treasured by Native Americans for its healing powers, flourished in Switzerland thanks to the skill and perseverance of Alfred Vogel. His original plants are the forerunners of the fresh, healthy herbs which are used today.

The pellets with fresh herbs Echinacea A.Vogel protect the throat, help soften and have a soothing effect on the airways . The candies contain extracts of echinacea, a plant that has a positive effect on the resistance in the throat.

This product also contains soothing honey relief from tickling in the throat .


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