Corp Drops 25ml


A homeopathic medicine that assists in the elimination of excess fluid for the treatment of water retention and a tendency to gain weight.

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This is a homeopathic medicine that assists with weight control by relieving:

• mild water retention.

Homeopathic Mode of Action

Adonis vernalis helps relieve water retention in the extremities and promotes urine flow.

Antimonium crudum regulates digestion and reduces the tendency to grow fat.

Calcarea acetica assists in improving nutrient assimilation.

Calcarea carbonica has a deep action on states of poor nutrition and on the glands, skin, and bones. It helps regulate thyroid and pituitary function and treats the tendency in children to grow fat.

Capsicum annuum is indicated for individuals whose body tissues have lax fiber, are weak, and are overweight due to an aversion to exercise.

Fucus vesiculosus regulates thyroid function to treat obesity and improve digestion.

Graphites are indicated for their ability to relieve skin eruptions and constipation in individuals who are generally stout and of fair complexion.

Phytolacca decandra acts on the glandular system to help regulate weight.

Silicea acts to correct poor nutrient assimilation and consequent defective nutritional status. In so doing, a tendency to eat incorrect foods will be minimized.


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