Coyne Biomax® CoQ10 Microactive®


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• Advanced CoQ10 Formula: Experience the benefits of highly bioavailable MicroActive® CoQ10 in Biomax® CoQ10 Microactive®.

• Cardiovascular Support: Promote cardiovascular health with this 24-hour sustained-release CoQ10 supplement.

• Energy Production and Antioxidant Protection: Enhance cell growth, maintenance, and energy production while protecting against oxidative damage with CoQ10.

ngredient Amount per Capsule
MicroActive® Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) Complex 280 mg (as β-cyclodextrin and CoQ10)
(standardised to contain 72 mg CoQ10)
Other Ingredients Silica, Organic Nu-RICE®
Capsule Material Clear vegetable capsule
Allergens None
Sugar None
Gluten None
Artificial Flavours None
Preservatives None


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