CoQ10 Advanced + PQQ Advanced


Mitochondrial Health
Cognitive Enhancement
Cardiovascular and Arterial Function
Fertility Support
Exercise Performance
Supports energy production
Healthy Aging


NatroceuticsCo-Enzyme Q10 + PQQ Advanced utilises a first-of-its-kind advanced delivery technology which significantly enhances the absorption of CoQ10 into the body and directly increases the concentration of CoQ10 where it counts, within the cells.

In addition to this, Natroceutics have further enhanced this product with a clinically supported dose of pure “PQQ”- Pyrroloquinoline Quinone produced through a natural fermentation process. This forms a powerful combination to enhance mitochondrial and cellular health.

Each capsule contains:
Ubiqisome™ 250mg
[Providing 50mg Co-Enzyme Q10 and 50mg of lecithin phospholipids (carrier)]
Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ)



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